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In this blog, I’m going to show you how you can set up your YouTube upload default settings. What that means is that, let’s say if you’re creating lots of videos on a regular basis, there is some piece of information.

Whereby you don’t you’re using on all of your videos like your descriptions. Instead of typing them in every single time, why not just configure them once. So that every time you upload a new video, you’re still using the same settings that you want to use on every video. Which cuts your time and you can spend more time on creating great quality content, rather than rewriting or resetting again. Let me show you.
To find out more check out my video below or keep reading for the full blog.

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So what you want to do is as soon as you’re signed into your YouTube account. You simply scroll down right to the bottom, the left hand side, scroll right to the bottom, and click on Settings button here.

Here’s the settings, right, so click on that. Then what you do is you click on Channel status and features. Here it is, channel status and features. Then finally, we come to this option here called Upload Defaults here.

So you got to make sure that that default feature is enabled here. Click on Upload Defaults. And then you get these two options here basic and advanced.

First let’s click on basic info. This is your title, your your title is your title of your YouTube video. Obviously, your titles can be different for every video that you create. But there may be something that you want in your title for every one of the videos.

In my case, I want my name Ajay Dhunna. Yeah, it probably saved me like, what a couple of seconds here. But it’s, it’s it’s the principle that counts that you know how to do it.

Then you’ve got product description, which is over here. Now remember, you can type the 5000 characters in your product description. What I’ve done is that there are some pieces of information which are upon every video.

Even though I want to customize my product description, for every video, there is some bits of information that I wanted every single one of my videos. I’ve put my text here, and I put my useful, what was useful, here’s one and link to my Google ads, ebook.

Then you come down, and then I’ve got loads of like, contact me. What so what that means that when I create a new video, the description is auto populated and all I got to do is just amend the top half of it, just to customize it.

Then what we have, we have another option here called visibility. So default, I want my videos to be in public status, or that all video viewing, you might choose. You want your videos to be private by default or unlisted by default, right. And then you have some tags.

There may be some common tags that you want an every single one of your videos, put them in here. When you do create videos that these talks are already there, and all you need to do is add the additional tags. Once you’ve done that, you click on Save. But just before you do, click on Advanced settings here, right.

If you’ve got any specific requirements for your licensing, you can change them here. The category which is more important,  select your default category. You can set how your your comments right so you want to hold potentially inappropriate comments for review or hold all of them or just disable comments or allow all comments which or whatever, whatever suits you.

Once you’ve done that, you click on Save. The last one here, use can view ratings of this video. Click on Save here. So what that then means is that every time I create a new video or upload a new video onto YouTube, these are the default settings that will be automatically applied to the YouTube video. Then customize them so that they are specific to that video.


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