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In this blog, I’m going to be talking to you about 20 of the YouTube best practices, which I have found really useful and effective when creating YouTube videos. What I mean by that is that it’s great that you’re creating great content, but what is the best way you should be uploading on to YouTube?

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What are the things you should do and not do on the YouTube channel to get more exposure? e for the videos that you’re creating, getting the most amount of views on it, and just generally the best way to manage it.

I’m only talking about 20 points, which I feel are really important. I’m gonna tell you in no particular order. If that’s the sort of thing that you like, or want to hear more continue reading.

1.Create a brand account

What I mean by a brand account is that it allows you to add multiple users to YouTube channels. If multiple people will want to manage your YouTube, you can do that once you’ve got a brand account.

But what it also means is that you can also then manage multiple channels have a well-designed banner.  The banner is a thing that goes right at the top of your YouTube page. Now what you should really consider is that when people look at your YouTube channel, and they look at the banner. This should really instantly know what your YouTube channel is all about without even scrolling down the page.

So make it really evident what your page is about. And make sure you’re consistent with your branding guidelines. A great tool to use in order to create simple banners and artwork is called Canva.

2.Have a Clear Audio and Lighting

To have clear audio and lighting, it’s really important. It doesn’t matter how good your content is, if people can’t see and hear you clearly, they will not look at your YouTube videos. It’s really important that you invest in some good lighting and a good microphone.

You’ve got a good audio, a good microphone, you can pick up from places like Amazon for around about as little as $10 upwards.

3.Create branded thumbnails

What I mean by that is make sure that you’ve got your own style, your own colors, your own funds. You create a unique thumbnail for yourself. You want to really make yourself stand out from the other people who’ve got similar videos to you.

But also take into account that doesn’t make your font too small. If you’ve got some writing on your thumbnails, don’t keep them too small because your thumbnails only appear like a small image. People will not be able to read a lot of text. So if you do have a lengthy title for your videos, just think that how can you use a few words for the title.

And again, you can use a tool like in order to create awesome thumbnails the perfect video title.

4.Make sure you research your keywords and phrases when creating a title

Your title is going to be a major factor for people when they determine whether they’re going to click on your video or not. So for example, if you’re selling homes don’t just have a title called buy homes because it’s meaningless.

A better title  how to sell your home, or the quickest way to sell my home.  Use tools such as vid IQ or Google Keyword Planner to research your titles.

5.Use SEO technique

This will also impact your YouTube SEO. SEO is search engine optimization. What we really mean is having good titles, you got a really good chance of your video appearing a lot higher.

Compared to titles which are very broad, got high competitive nature  YouTube descriptions. This is what a lot of people miss out on with every video you can write up to 5000 characters are for a description, which can describe the actual video that you’re creating.

Now, you might say well 5000 is too much right? So what I normally do is split it out into a paragraph or two paragraphs. Talking about the video itself. What this video is about and introducing the video and make sure again, you’ve got the main keywords within your descriptions.

6.Write lots of calls to action

But then I have lots of calls to action. For example on my telephone ebook, or I might have a subscription service or I might be selling some training courses. Whatever call to action or products you may have put the links of those within your description.

Take full advantage of the description area in order to capitalize on when people looking at your videos. They can read it, and then they can actually take action clicking on one of your links and you know, subscribing to your service.

So when creating a YouTube video, YouTube allows you to add tags onto each video. And what a tag is, is basically the keywords that you really want to look for now. In terms of how effective they are, they’re not very effective at all.

But in terms of like getting your video ranked.

However, tags are really useful for misspellings. So if you’ve got the variations of spellings of the main sort of keywords that you’ve got, it’s a brilliant place to add them in to help the algorithm. YouTube algorithm to determine whether your video is relevant to what the user is actually looking for.

Now, in terms of how many tabs you can have, you can have up to 500 characters per video. Entering as many times as you want to, as long as you stay within the 500 character limit.

And again, using the tool and citizen vid IQ will help you define really good tags, which are relevant to your videos.

7. Use playlists to categorize your videos

If your main subject is digital marketing, you want to talk about Google ad or search engine optimization. You can assign each one of these videos to a certain playlist. The great advantage about this is the first few you keeping your videos organized. Also will happen is that when one video stops playing, then you’re helping the algorithm to determine what video it should play next out of that particular playlist.

8. Share your videos

So once you create a video, don’t just assume that or don’t just leave it to the hands of YouTube.

In order to promote a video you’ve got to do the sharing, you’ve got to do the promotion of your video. We can do that by promoting on Facebook, Twitter or you can embed your video within your website.

You can you know send out email broadcasts telling people about your video, encouraging people to share your video. The more people that look at your video for a longer period of time, the more signals you’re giving to YouTube, this is a good quality video. Therefore I promote it more have a call to action within your video.

Just like I always do on my videos, I ask my viewers to subscribe to my channel, hit the notifications button, leave a comment in the description area. Ask questions to your audience. What this is doing is healthy, again, giving signals to the YouTube platform. If more of your videos have more engagement, then it’s gonna promote your video a lot more. Plus you’re also keeping it a little bit interactive.

9. Build audience

Building a few audiences, you building audiences, and you get more out of your video. People might be subscribing to your ebook. Taking full advantage of the video that you’re creating, rather than just having one passive video. Only talking about your subject having no call to actions in it.

When you have a call to actions, you have to leave right to the end because not everyone’s going to look at a video right to the end.

Now have a couple of before if your videos lengthy, maybe one of the middle of one or two in the middle. Then some of the end monitor your YouTube Analytics. You can do this clicking on the analytics link which is normally on the left-hand side of your page.

This YouTube will tell you what type of audiences are looking at your videos, you know, how long are they looking at your videos on average? What locations what demographics are these audiences are looking at videos? what are the age ranges? what are their agendas? Analyzing this, you can determine what type of videos you want to create in the future.

So it’s a great section that you must look at in order to understand your audience.

1o. Make your videos accessible

A lot of people will be looking at your YouTube videos without any sound turned on. What you can do, you can embed subtitles within your videos so that even if the sound is turned off, people can actually look at your video and read. Now a great tool you can use for this is a tool library. And what it can do, you can simply convert your video into text which you can then import into YouTube into the video that you’re creating.

To increase your watch time, so experiment with, what type of videos are they watching and how long videos are they staying. Increasing your watch time, you’re allowing more of your videos to show and you’re building up a relationship with your potential audiences.

You can do this to make your videos engaging and this can help them watch till the end.

11. Use end cards

This is one of the youtube best practices. To when creating a YouTube video, you can put end cards, which means that at the end of the video. You can have icons or thumbnails displayed, which encourages people to watch a video of your choice.

Either the most popular video or if you want people to watch a certain video, you can you control that by using and causes a great way of people engaging with more of your YouTube video. As opposed to looking at your video, and then going on to somebody else’s channel. You want to keep people within your YouTube channel as much as possible, engaging, and looking at your videos as much as possible. scheduling and consistency.

12. Schedule your videos

When creating YouTube videos, try to schedule them on a certain day at a fixed date at a fixed time, every single week. Because once you build up your audiences, the audiences will be expecting to watch one of your videos on a certain day of the week. What you can do, you can create videos and schedule them to go live on a certain date. So you can have better video.

It could be that you know, a couple of weeks, you might get busy. You might not get time to create the videos, but you scheduled them in advance they will be made live and the time that you have set to add chapters to your videos.

13. Add Chapters

So what chapters do is basically helps to break up the video. So you can have a chapter for introduction, you can have a chapter for, you know, several chapters for your main topic, and a few chapters for your conclusions.

And people can then have the ability to skip chapters and get quicker to the chapter that they want to really learn about quality, not quantity.

15. Quality, not quantity

This is one of the youtube best practices. What I mean by that is I see a lot of videos, whereby the first 234 minutes people are talking about themselves, your audiences with the greatest of respect, they don’t care about you. They are watching a video to learn about a specific thing that they want to learn about.

They’ve got a pain, they’ve got a problem they want to solve, and they want to know how to overcome that or they want to find a solution.

16. Don’t make your videos too boring

Make sure you give exceptional value as much value as possible. It’s not about the number of videos that you create. It’s about the quality of the videos that you create good value, keeping the loads and loads of value.

17.Don’t make it all about yourself.

Try to help you end users. And if there are any downloads they can do to help the further you know tell them about it within your video. So make sure that that audio videos are based on quality, and not just about you talking about yourself and how good you are.

Knowing me so far, hold on just a few more points left that I want to just cover. Before we conclude this video, okay, hold on to the end guys, the length of the video.

18. Experiment with how long your audiences typically look at your videos.

So again, you can look at your analytics, where I always advise is to have your videos, at least five minutes, ideally 10 minutes plus, and you will then over time. You will start to notice what type of duration your audiences are looking at your videos for. And then you can decide on your future videos that how long they’re going to be.

If people are not looking at your videos for a long period of time, then you can ask yourself why can I do to encourage them to look at your videos for a longer period of time.

If you can aim for around about 10 minutes, then do so or 10 minutes plus. Then I personally have found longer videos get a lot more views a lot more exposure than short video.

19. Add descriptions

added descriptions to your YouTube channel. When people come across YouTube channels, they can read about you. And you can do this simply clicking on your icon on the top right hand side of your page. Going to your YouTube studio. Clicking on a video and then clicking on the About Us and then add a description.

So this will really help so that when people are looking at your YouTube channel. They can read a bit more about the products or services that you’re providing. How can you help them or why should we use that they should learn more about.

20. Experiment and keep on experimenting

On a final note, experiment, keep experimenting. YouTube is not a sort of channel whereby you can create YouTube videos and the answer and you can get promoted or you can get loads of viewers.

You need to experiment with so many different things from you know the depth of the film.  Let everybody know about you and do these YouTube Best Practices !



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