Why Some Google Ads Campaigns May Not Work

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I often get asked, “Why do some Google Ads campaigns work, and some do not?

Like, people will come to me and say, “Hey, my competitors got a Google Ads campaign, and he’s getting tons of leads every single day. At the same time, I’m only getting like a few a fraction of what they’re getting. So what’s wrong with my campaigns?”

Let us get started to learn more about how we can maximise the power of Google Ads to generate more leads in our business.

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Today I will help you understand why some Google Ads campaigns work great for some businesses.

It’s difficult to comment on individual campaigns without conducting a thorough Google Ads audit first. However, now I’ve been managing Google ads for the best part of 15 years, I have found that the campaign’s success depends on three core elements.




Apart from the usual optimisation of Google Ads account, the quality of the traffic your website receives is paramount.

It’s usually the case of quality over quantity. So if you have the wrong type of traffic going to your website, you’re going to get rubbish results.

I’d rather have 100 people coming to my website who are actively looking for my products and services and intend to purchase or inquire instead of having 1000 people who have no intent to buy. Having the right keywords and search terms are essential.

Ensure that the traffic you’re driving to that website is highly relevant. Those conducting your campaigns should provide you with complete keyword reports, including the search terms suitable for your website.

The people you trust with your campaigns should provide you with some additional statistics like cost per click and cost per conversion for a keyword.



It’s great to have visitors to your website ready to buy but having clear and concise website content is essential.

Check your pricing

It would be best if you guaranteed that everything had been checked, like the price of the campaign.

Have you got the right price for your products or services?
Could it be that you’re too cheap? Therefore, you’re giving the perception of a low-end product or service?
Or maybe too high?

Check your pricing and how it is different from your competitor.

Check your product descriptions

Your product description should accurately describe your products or services that you’re offering.

Include all the necessary details — colours, sizes and dates.
With services, it is better to include what type of services you offer — what are the inclusion and exclusion of each service.

However, do not overload your customers with tons of information. It is then essential to structure your content to be easy for the audience to understand.

Check your photos and videos

The old cliche is pictures speak 1000 words;

People love to watch videos and looking for inspirational photos; hence consider creating contents that are visual friendly to people visiting your website.

How your products and services work can help you build trust with your target audience.

Testimonial videos and reviews can make people trust you even more and help them decide for themselves whether you’re the type of company they wish to be working in.


For starters, are you taking people to the correct landing page relevant to your products and relevant to the service that your potential customer has searched?

The homepage is not necessarily the best page to take people to, and that’s the case in most people.

If your Google Ads campaign has a keyword of settlement lawyers in London, then take them to a page about settlement lawyers in London. If you haven’t got one, then create one!

Take them to the nearest page and make their life easier by directing them to find highly relevant answers to their inquiry.

In that way, it will help you convert leads into result.

One more thing to consider, having an excellent call to action is also a must! 

Placing your call to action at the right place on your website will help you even more.

Check your website speed on both mobiles and desktop. Your website should be user friendly and easy to navigate. — it will help your customers to find the products and services more accessible.

Remember, all three traffic, content and website have to be perfect.

If you have highly relevant traffic, you get great content, but your website isn’t up to scratch, the whole lot will fail.

Likewise, if you’ve got a great website, you’ve got significant traffic, and the content isn’t up to scratch, the whole lot is going to fail.

Likewise, if you’ve got great content, great website, but your traffic isn’t up to scratch, the entire lot will fail.

Everything has to be perfect for your Google Ads campaign to be a success. 

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