Why Is My Google Ads Suspended & How Can I fix it?

I often get asked, Why is my account in Google Ads suspended? How do I fix it? I want to talk you through these questions as to why Google Ads accounts get suspended in the first place. More importantly how to rectify how to get your account unsuspended.

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The first thing is don’t panic. Suspension does not mean your account has been permanently locked out. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dead, you can get it back. There are normally some good reasons as to why the account in Google Ads was suspended in the first place. There are some really good actions that you can take.

Some of the reasons why your account might have been suspended in the first place are as follows unauthorized access to your account. Which accounts are being logged into, where they’re being logged in from. If Google detects that there’s some unusual activity going on, whereby somebody from a certain country or whatever has logged into your account. It could temporarily suspend your account, billing or other issues. So Google can suspend your account due to unpaid bills, it can also suspend your account if you’re abusing the promotion, payment or other billing issues.

If there are some type of billing issue, like for example, unpaid balances. Google can suspend your account if there’s Google deems that there’s an abuse of promotion codes that are using. They can suspend your account if it finds that there’s a high amount of chargebacks or reports. It can suspend your account.

Keep an eye on your billing, which is one of the main reasons that Google typically suspends your account. Even if Google finds that there are digital payments going through which seem to be suspicious that they can suspend your account temporarily. They investigate and why where you get in touch with them.

To prove what’s going on, and why it’s going on or take necessary action. Your website may be hacked. There’s a lot of programs that are going on. Like malware, it’s almost like a virus on your computer or leases some malicious scripts on your website. If there is any scripts or malware on your website, Google will suspend your account until that issue is rectified.t

Though normally, what happens is that Google sends you an email. That gives you an indication as to why your account might is suspended in the first place. This is what an email might look like typically might look like. Google emails is saying we suspend your account, take a look at violating the Google Ads policy. If you’re doing things that violate the Google Ads policy, again, Google will typically let you know that you violated some of our policies. They won’t go into too much detail, but they will let you know some examples of these if you’re safe.

For example, if you’re selling drugs online, you got a chance of your account being suspended. Unless you’ve proven to Google that you were legitimately allowed to sell drugs or might have to promote counterfeit goods. Again, Google can send your account deceptive practices. Try to mislead your potential users into what your actual product or service might be. Misrepresenting your products or services, which is causing a lot of sadness within your particular users and waiting importantly. These ads are wrong. And they’re deceiving ads violating local laws.

There could be certain practices that you’re not allowed to implement within your Google Ads campaign. It’s really important to make sure that you know what you’re allowed to do within your locality. Whatever country you’re residing, or you provide your products or services.

Another one is the requirements, so you’re not allowed to create a Google Ads account if you’re under 13. Another reason why Google ads can typically suspend your Google Ads account has more than one Google Ads account. It could be that you’ve got multiple Google Ads to account or with the same billing details modem sent website. — That is against Google’s policies.

If you have in the past, you told your agency to set groups or somebody else. Make sure that it’s closed, and you only got the one Google Ads to account violating the Google Ads grant policy. Google has granted to nonprofit organizations. You got to make sure that if you have the internet umbrella that you have not violated any of the grant policies.

Now the question is your Google account suspended? What do you do about it? What do you do in order to suspend your account or to fix an account which is or a Google Ads account which has already been suspended? So the first thing you can do is on the top right-hand corner of your screen, you will see a question mark. Click on it and contact Google and they are normally they’ll give you some sort of indication.

As to why they suspended your account, and what actions you can do about it. The second thing you might like to do is contact a Google certified partner such as myself. Normally, we’ve got account managers, and we can normally reach out to our account managers. There’s an account over here, can you give us some indication as to why they suspended my accounts?

It doesn’t always work, but it’s certainly worthwhile giving it a go. Last but not least is there’s a form that you can fill in. This form typically asks you various questions about your account. Filling in Google won’t get back to you straight away, at least a 24 to 48-hour wait, but it gets back to you with some indication as to why that happened to your account.

But before you do all this, just check your emails, check emails and check through some of the points I already told you about. To see that is it possible that you fit into one of the points that I’ve discussed above. Only then contact we will make efforts to contact whoever you need to contact you know that will help you rectify the problem.


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