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White label PPC

Have you considered outsourcing your PPC?

This is a fantastic way for marketing agencies to manage their PPC clients on a white-label basis. By White-Label, what we mean is your customers will never know, that your PPC is being managed by a PPC Freelancer. I can either report to you directly, or as some agencies do, they provide me with their email address and I liaise with their customers, as if I worked for the agency.

Why hire a white-label PPC Specialist?

Agencies who hire me on a white label basis, do so for various reasons. These include:

Limited knowledge:
In many cases, though they may have staff internally who know a bit about PPC and how to get PPC campaigns setup, they don’t really have the years of expertise to know how to trouble-shoot PPC campaigns which may not be performing, how to cut costs, how best to maximise their conversions.

Addition to their existing services:
In some cases, PPC is a services agencies do not provide as they do not have any expertise in-house. What better way to add an additional channel of revenue, by providing PPC services to your existing customers, as well as when prospecting new ones.

WHAT's Next?

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