What are Call Ads in Google Ads

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What are Call Ads in Google Ads and how do they work? Furthermore, how are they different to the traditional Call-Only Ads.

To find out and to learn how to utilise them for your business check out my video below or keep reading for the full blog.

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The full blog, for those who wish to read instead.

In Google Ads, Call Only Ads are designed to encourage people to call your business. These ads typically show on mobile devices to make it easier for potential customers to quickly call you. In April 2020 Google re-named Call Only Ads to Call Ads.

Call Ad’s allow the advertiser to include a phone number within their ads and when clicked on would call the number from the customers mobile. For this purpose, the traditional Call-Only Ads were ideal, see below.

Call Only Ads

The newer Calls Ads now include an optional Visit Website link. This is ideal for business’ whose primary goal is to receive telephone leads but don’t want to miss out on potential customers who want to visit their website first prior to calling. See below.

Call Ads

Call Ads can prove more beneficial than getting visitors to your website depending on your business. Service led business’ like emergency boiler repairs, or a locksmith are going to find more benefit in getting a customer to phone them than going to their website. Likewise, companies that sell high value items may prefer phone calls. In this case you’re more likely to convert the lead and there’s less chance of any ordering mistakes if you can provide advice and answer any questions over the phone.

The beauty of these Call Ads in Google Ads gives the advertiser and potential customers the best of both worlds. With traditional search ads you’ve got to click on the link, which takes you to the website and from there you can decide to call the company. With Call Ads you’re giving the customer the option to call straight away from the ad or visit your website if that’s all they require. To make sure you’re taking advantage of this ‘Visit Website’ feature make sure to fill in the ‘Final URL’ field when creating your Call Ad.

Another benefit of this feature; it makes your ad bigger and more likely to stand to out meaning more leads. Not only that Google have said “ If your business relies on phone calls for new sales, you’ll get fewer accidental calls and more qualified leads. More leads and more relevancy, what more could you want.

If you’re business uses calls to generate leads and sales, then Call Ads are a must for you. If you’re unsure there’s no harm in setting up a test A/B experiment to analyse their effectiveness over time. Make sure to analyse not only how many calls you’re getting but how many calls are converting to sales or valuable leads. If they’re not working as well as hoped, try and amend the headline or description fields as a first port of call.

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