The Difference Between Google Ads and Google AdSense

So in this blog, I’m going to tell you the difference between Google ads and Google AdSense.

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Let’s start off with Google ads. Google AdWords is the previous name of Google Ads.  But as Google is constantly changing, the change of terminologies happened too.

It’s just a matter of keeping up to date with it. So Google Ads is a paid platform. Whereby if you’re selling a product or a service, you can advertise your product or service on Google.

What happened, it looks a bit like an auction system. You essentially do is assign keywords to your products or services. If you’re selling furniture, one of your keywords might be furniture. And what you tell Google is that if somebody goes to Google and types in the word furniture. – I want my ad on page 1 of Google because I’m selling that as a product. And if people click on the ad, they will go to your website.

In return, you pay Google a set amount of fees. So essentially, Google ads is for if you’re offering a product or service to sell, you can advertise your business on Google ads, and pay Google each time somebody clicks on your ad. i

In order to go to your website, or even call you. Set up a Google Ads account, you simply go to, forward slash AdWords. This will show you exactly how to get there you sign up, enter your details, and you can start creating your account.

However, Google AdSense is more for publishers. So if you’ve got a website, whereby you’ve got a lot of content on it, and maybe you’ve got a lot of traffic on it, you might have a blog.

So what you can do, you can say to Google that, hey, you know, I’ll put a website. I write regular content about the certain topic. Then what Google will do using the Google AdSense platform, you can get a small piece of code. You put your code within your website, on a certain page, or even on multiple places on your page.

When people are reading your blog, what Google will do is it will show people, ads that are relevant to them. So if you’ve got a page, talking about the latest Porsche car. What you might see is that an ad appears in the middle of your blog, showing a Porsche car, which people can click on, and then go to their website.

In return, what Google will do is that they will pay you with Google AdWords or Google ads. You pay Google to advertise with Google AdSense, Google will pay you each time somebody sees an ad. It clicks on the ad in order to visit your website.

So hopefully, that makes a bit of sense, clarifying the main difference between Google ads, and Google AdSense.

So in terms of which one I should use or return you should use it really depends on your business model. If you’re selling a product or service, use Google AdWords or Google ads.

If you’re a publisher, and you’ve got great quality content, then use Google AdSense.

I mean, I know a lot of people who are making in excess of $5 million a month, simply by putting a small piece of code onto the website, so that when somebody clicks on the ad. They go to your website, and Google pays you a set amount of pence or whatever that is, when you’ve always got options in order to work out how to monetize your content.

Google AdSense is just one way of monetizing your content. So if you want to earn money from writing content, Google is just one way.

There are alternatives to take make and put affiliate links to other products.

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