Google Ads Monthly Management Service


I help businesses generate more leads and sales using Google ads

I also carry out FREE GOOGLE ADS AUDITS for businesses who already have a Google Ads account but maybe it is not working very well for them

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Five reasons why you should hire me

I’m not one for blowing my own trumpet, but here’s a few reasons why I feel you should consider hiring me to manage your Google Ads:
  • I have over 20 years of experience managing Google Ads campaigns and other digital marketing strategies.
  • I’m a No. #1 Best selling author having published my book, “How To Win Customers With Google Ads”
  • I have a no-nonsense approach and total transparency with my customers, so they know exactly what I am doing and why.
  • I am passionate about what I do. I believe I always go above and beyond what I get paid to do simply because I love all things Google.
  • As well as managing Google Ads, I provide various Google Ads training programs to businesses to learn how to create awesome and profitable Google Ads campaigns for themselves.

Or Call 07866 555 555

Google Ads Specialist London - Ajay Dhunna

What is included as part of my services?

I’ve worked with everyone from wonderful sole traders to big brands – on campaigns with advertising budgets that range from £300 to £200,000 per month.

  • Full PPC Account Audit – For capitalising on what is working and eradicating what is not working.
  • Google Analytics analysis and auditing – For better insight and business results.
  • PPC Account Setup – For the optimal standing start
  • Account Restructuring – For improved campaign performance and boosted conversions.
  • Google Ads and Bing search campaign optimisation – For an all-around increase in the results you’re achieving.
  • Competitor Intelligence – Discover what competitors are doing and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Conversation Rate Optimisation – For making the most of the visitors who arrive at your website – fostering purchases, nurturing enquiries.
  • Negative Keywords – Taking outspend on wastage keywords
  • Ad Optimisation – Ensuring we serve the right ads to the right customers

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About Ajay Dhunna

With over 20 years of Managing PPC campaigns, I have a solid understanding of Google Ads. In fact, I have been implementing PPC campaigns even before Google Ads was ever heard of. 

I’m also an author of a No. #1 best selling book I wrote, “How To Win Customers With Google Ads”

I’ve been helping businesses generate leads, sales and customers using various marketing strategies. I have managed Google Ads campaigns for start-up businesses to some well-known brands in the UK. I focus on using a data-driven approach which means that  I let the numbers do the talking and help direct the next course of the plan. I also conduct full Google Ads audits regularly to highlight areas of improvement and to cut costs. If you are looking for an agency or PPC Freelancer in London or Birmingham, You are at right place!

I’d love to understand your business better and see how I can add value to it. Get in touch with me, and let’s talk!

Or Call 07866 555 555

How To Win Customers With Google Ads



Let’s talk I can help with your PPC to help you win more leads and business. – call me or use the quick contact form to the right and I’ll be right back in touch. I can even come to visit if a face-to-face is the way in which you work.


I go through a simple process to help get you going as fast as possible so you can get those leads and sales flowing in:
 Step 1 – Let’s start with a call so I can better understand your business, your objectives, requirements, and so much more.Step 2 – If you already have a Google Ads campaign, we will conduct a mini audit. Step 3 – Next, I will create a short-term roadmap, so we know exactly what we will be doing and when.Step 4 – I will set up the reporting.Step 5 – I will start building and optimising your Google Ads account.


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