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I help businesses get more leads & sales using google ads

My name’s Ajay Dhunna – I provide a full end-to-end PPC consultancy and management service to help businesses grow, generate more leads using Google Ads PPC, reduce their digital marketing costs and increase RIO.
I work with businesses throughout UK, US and Australia.


Let’s face it, you have a world of options before you. So, let’s cover 4 solid reasons why freelancers have the edge, over agencies.
  • You won’t be paying over the odds, for overheads that cost the world – rates, bills and a whole load of other charges. I’m a lean, mean, freelancing machine.
  • You get versatility and a strategy tailored around your service – not some package that’s been ill-designed as a one size (often doesn’t) fit all.
  • You won’t get railroaded into a restrictive contract for 12 months.
  • You won’t be giving your money to someone where results aren’t guaranteed. My income, is tied to the results I get for you. Full stop. If I want to eat, I better secure some impressive results for you.

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I’ve worked with everyone from wonderful sole traders to big brands – on campaigns with click budgets that range from £200 to £150,000 per month.
I know what it takes to secure results. I’ll deliver leads and sales. No question. Here’s a rundown of my services…

  • Full PPC Account Audit – For capitalising on what’s working, and eradicating what’s not.
  • Google Analytics analysis – For better insight, and better business results.
  • PPC Account Setup – For the optimal standing start
  • Account Re-structuring – For improved campaign performance and boosted conversions.
  • Google Ad and Bing Search campaign Optimisation – For an all-round increase in the results you’re achieving.
  • Competitor Intelligence – Discover what competitors are doing and gain competitor advantage.
  • Conversation Rate Optimisation – For making more of the visitors who arrive at your website – fostering purchases, nurturing enquiries.

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About Ajay Dhunna

With over 15 years of digital marketing experience and a Google Certified Partner, I’ve been helping businesses generate leads, sales and customers using a variety of marketing strategies. The areas I’m most passionate about is clearly Google Ads. As this is the only platform in the world which has the highest intent to buy.

I also provide a variety of other digital marketing services such as:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Building lead gen and sales funnels
  • PPC Audits
  • SEO Audits
  • Creation of marketing strategies

I’d love to understand your business better and see how I can add value to it. Get in touch with me and lets talk!

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WHAT's Next?

Let’s talk I can help with your PPC to help you win more leads and business. – call me or use the quick contact form to the right and I’ll be right back in touch. I can even come to visit if a face-to-face is the way in which you work.


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