Part 5: How To Get Leads For Your Local Business

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Today I will show you how to advertise your local business without using Google.

To find out more check out my video below or keep reading for the full blog.

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This method is using Facebook, right Facebook paid ads. So what you can do you can go to and open up a free account with Facebook. You can create campaigns, whereby you can tell Facebook that the type of campaign I want to make is our conversions. I want people to convert into a lead or a sale or visit our website and take a particular action.

You can say that I only want to show my ads within this city, zip code, postcode, or name of your town. The ads will only be delivered to the local audience here.

More importantly, what you can tell Facebook your interests that you wish to target. For example, if you got an Italian restaurant. You can say to Facebook, that you want to show your business to people who are interested in pizza and other Italian cuisines.

You can also then restrict it by demographics and target age of 24 to 55, for example. Because that might be your potential audience. You will put it in your location, and you can even tell Facebook that I won’t target certain genders.

What will then happen is when people go onto Facebook. They will potentially see your ads, they will click on the ad and either visit a website or fill in a form to call. This will take whatever action you told Facebook to do. So that is a super great way of targeting potential customers to your website.

You can also do with Facebook to set up something called a remarketing campaign. Now with a remarketing campaign, what happens is that if someone has been to your website. They haven’t inquired, they have not challenged or not booked an appointment. You can keep saying ads to these people, you’ve been to our website, but you did make an inquiry or held like to get 15% of you.

It is quite overwhelming to set up a Facebook campaign. So sometimes, it’s worth seeking help from a specialist to implement your Facebook campaigns for your local business.

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