Part 4: How To Get Leads For Your Local Business

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In this blog, I’m going to show you how you can list your local business on Google using local service ads or LSA ads. If you have a local business and serve a local community you don’t show nationally or you don’t sell internationally. Then this blog is for you.

To find out more check out my video below or keep reading for the full blog.

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The platform is called the Google Local Service ads here. Now in order to sign up for it, it’s free. Go to,  slash local heightened service hyphen, ads. And you can sign up for a free account.

But then what you do is, there’s another platform called Google ads. Now with Google ads, you pay per click for every time somebody clicks your ads, you only pay if somebody makes an inquiry.

So in other words, you only pay per lead. Now, that is really good. Because what it shows in order to get listed when the Google Local Service Ads. You must hold something called Google guaranteed provider status.

And what that means is that what Google will do, they will verify you. They look at your business, they’ll see they’ll ask various questions about society. Google wants to provide end-users with the comfort that anyone who’s clicked on a local service ad. So all you literally do is you go to local service ads, you type in your business details.

You type in the other details about your business about the services that you provide, how long you’ve been providing services, the locations, and so on. Go through that process. Then Google will verify your business, once it’s verified business. Then what will happen is that when somebody is searching for a local service, you will list your business at the top of the Google page here.

The key here is that they won’t be taken to your website, they will take you to almost like an inquiry form. Whereby they’re going to get in touch with your business because now Google can monitor this, they can see exactly what’s happening here.

They see how many people are getting in touch with you. If someone reads types, it types your keywords in like protections, electricians near me. For example, if they see a local service ad, if they click on it, and they fill in the details to get in touch with you.

Only at that point in time, will Google charge you,  so what you will be paying for is a pay per lead, as opposed to a pay per click.

Now, local service ads are relatively new. Every country in some countries, they’ve been around since 2018. And they’re slowly rolling out. That’s the first thing. You got to check whether local service ads LSA ads are available within your country.

But not only that, but you’ve also got to check whether they are available for your particular industry. Like for example, at the time that this video created, local service ads in the UK are available to only this home improvements type of industry.

When you’re an electrician, you’re a plumber, you provide DIY services. Those are the types of businesses that the local service ads are available. Google is working on expanding them into other categories.

It’s key that you keep an eye open on what categories that your local service ads are available for. It’s always worth seeking help and advice from an expert who has already done this because you’ll get your ROI a lot quicker.

Your account will be set up in a faster way and in a better way. It attracts more qualified potential customers to your business. You’re not just burning your money on leads that you know will never convert into a sale. Potential customers for your local business without using Google so you can hyper-target your potential customers without even using Google.


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