Part 3: How To Get Leads For Your Local Business

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In this blog, I’m gonna be showing you how you can get your local business listed on Google for absolutely free. Now, this method uses something called Google My Business. In order to get here, you simply go to, forward slash business.

To find out more check out my video below or keep reading for the full blog.

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Now what Google my businesses is, it helps to promote your business or local businesses on the Google page. So this is exceptionally brilliant. When people are typing in local keywords such as a plumber. What you’ll see on the Google page is a map of the location.

And underneath the map, you’ll see a couple of businesses listed there. Well, that is the Google My Business listing is absolutely free. If you want to be in the Google My Business listing, you must go to, forward slash business.. Simply enter your business details here.

Once you enter the name of your business, telephone of your business, the address of your business, the service that you provide. What I recommend is uploading a few images of your business. And that includes your logo and some photos of the inside of the building. Because pictures speak 1000 words at the end of the day.

Once you’ve done that, what Google will do is, it may ask you to verify your business. This is your business name. So what I’m going to do is to verify that, I want to send you a postcard. In that postcard, I want to put, I’m going to post it to you, and it’s going to have a QR code on it.

And the postcard will be with you typically within like seven days. Then all you do is wait for the number of days. Once you receive that post-collegiate level code on it, you simply go back into your Google My Business account. Then you simply type in your code.

Now the advantage of that is that say the reason for that is because Google has now verified — this is a legitimate address. Therefore, I’m gonna include it within my Google My Business section here.

The most brilliant thing about Google My Business is, regardless of how many people click on it, you don’t pay a penny to anyone. It is absolutely free. And you’ll find yourself right, that when you are typing in a keyword. Which is a local type of keyword, you find that when you see the Google map section, it stands out. It stands out because it’s visual, as opposed to just text.

So you see the text at the top. And you scroll down, and you see this map here. When Scotland, three, four businesses listed on that Google page right.

Everybody wants to be on the first page of Google. So what you need to do is  make sure that you’re regularly updating your Google My Business. Don’t just create your account, get it verified, and then walk away from it.

You’ve got to carry on working on it. Because those people who are spending their time and energy updating their Google My Business, those are the people that have been missing right at the top right.

You’re not going to be the straightaway. It will take a little bit of time to get into Google My Business, but you will be there somewhere. But ideally, you will get the first page you see as the first three or four listings off the Google My Business.

Now some of the ways in which you can do that are first, get reviews. There’ll be a button within your Google My Business whereby you can send that can send a link to your existing customers.

Saying you helped them the other day or we fixed your electricity or wherever it was, whatever service you provide. We mind giving us a review. Here’s the link by the way.

And the more people that give you a review. Firstly, it’s going to help you because if you’ve got all five-star reviews, then when your customers are looking for you. They think you know what, that’s the business I want to hire. That’s the business I want to hire, they can look at all these reviews, they got like 100 reviews, and most of them are five star,

Then they’ll write their comments. And then people can read a bit about your services. But  that’s also giving Google signals that there’s something good about this business. Because they’re obviously serving our customers, and our people are happy with their service.

So if a lot of people are happy, the service, I’m going to promote these guys a little bit more.

The other part of it is to make sure that you’re regularly updating your Google My Business Profile. So your login is weekly if you have to, or even daily. Don’t just leave it standing. You don’t have to google will look after you.

What you need to do is, you need to make sure that you know you’re regularly posting offers you regularly morning content? And as a result of that, Google is keeping all your profiles up to date all the time.

The more Google will pay more attention to you because you’re looking after your profile. So why shouldn’t Google look after you? One of the things that I found extremely useful is taking photos. Take photos of your local basics, while you’re providing your service, right?

Take photos and take it using your mobile phone, ideally, with the Wi-Fi switched off. But not on, right. So basically, you’re using your networks, a signal in order to communicate now.

And the reason for that is when you take photos with your mobile phone, as well as your phone, storing the actual photo is also storing something called metadata. Which is like a hidden piece of information about where you took the photo from

So in other words, one of the most important things is storing is your location. Now, if you’ve got a lot of photos,  therefore, I trusted business a lot more now. Take the photo with your mobile phone, and then upload it onto Google My Business Profile. There are a whole lot of other ways in which you can promote your Google My Business Profile.

But I think basically, these suggestions I gave you are really good because it’s going to help you to use people to be able to find your business using geo terms. In other words, this is going to help you to promote your business more on proximity type of terms.

So for example, when people are typing local electricians or electricians, near me. This is where Google My Business is really going to help your local business to get more leads.


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