Part 2: How To Get Leads For Your Local Business

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In this blog, I want to be show you how you can start generating leads for your local business within 24 hours. And what that means is that you can start generating leads within 24 hours and getting your business listed at the very top of Google.

To find out check out my video below or keep reading for the full blog.

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Now, the platform that you use to do this is something called Google ads.Which is formerly known as Google AdWords. It’s free to sign up for Google ads. So what you do is you go to ads The way Google Ads works is you tell Google what your business is about.

For example, you might be an electrician in Canary Wharf. Now, if that’s the case, you tell you to give Google some keywords like electricians in Canary Wharf. So you’re giving Google these words, bear tea, it’s a service you guys provide here. What then happens, you tell Google, someone searches for these keywords on Google, then I want my business listed on top of the Google page.

That is, don’t forget about 60% of people click at the very top of the Google page.What you can then do, you can tell Google that he only show my local business to people who are in my local area. I’ll talk you through this very shortly. But the way this works is that if someone types in your keyword like electricians in Canary Wharf..

Your business will be listed at the very top of Google. If someone then searches were read your app, then like, what you’ve looked at what you’ve typed up. If I click on that, I only then will you need to pay Google a few pounds.  Whether that’s 30pounds or wherever every keyword has a different price associated with it.

But what you do know is that you might not be you might not get a whole load. You might get a higher quantity of keywords or visits to your website, but the quality of your visitor will be extremely high. These are people who are actively looking for your products or services.

What you do is you go to add stock, and you sign up for a free account. Now, what I recommend is to sign up for an account and use a Gmail email address, which will make your life so much easier.

Because whichever platform you’re using on Google, they will give you top each other quite easily with a Gmail. Once you’ve created an account, you first need to set up something called a campaign. And in this case, your campaign would be electricians. If you’re an optician, your campaign could be called opticians, or if you’re a dentist, it could be dentist

When you create your campaign, what the key here is, you tell Google very precisely which area you want your bit your local business to show. So, in this case, the location name would be Canary Wharf. Instead of telling Google what location name you want, you can also do that, and you can give a radius thing.

For example, you might find that your typical customers might be willing to travel, 10 miles or 10 kilometres from your postcode. From where you sit, provide your service. So it all in that case, you could give Google your postcode and say, if anyone within a 10-mile radius of his postcode search for my business. Tthen I want my ad to show because I want those customers or what those leads or what people do come.

At this point, you also tell Google, you know how much you want to pay per day. Not that late, but per day, you can have a budget. The budget could be, you know, 10 pounds a day, it could be 20 pounds a day to get customers onto your website to either book an appointment with you. And that’s the great thing about Google. You can set up campaigns if you find that your business generates more customers; by people phoning your business calling your business, you can tell Google I don’t want people to go onto my website.

Here, I want people to contact me, right. And then what Google will do is that if people are phoning you or searching for you on their mobile device, they will have a button there. They’ll be to call you directly from Google and bypass your website. Don’t need to search for anything.

So it’s a great way of generating more phone calls for your business. Once you’ve set up your campaign, now, you said something called an ad group,So it goes one level deeper, an ad group. And now you subdivide your services. In the case of electricians, you could be an electrician for, for example, you could install CCTV cameras.

So he’s subdividing it. Or it could be that you’re for you provide a service for changing lightbulbs or rewiring the home. You can create these ad groups, which sort of subdivides your primary campaign, then what you do is tell Google what your keywords are within reach of these ad groups. For example, electricians boy installing CCTV cameras, electricians for wiring my house, or even electricians near me or local electricians.

And then finally, you give you tell Google what ad what text you want displaying on the Google page. If someone searches for your specific keywords, you mean Google a phrase. And it could be 50 pounds, 60 pounds, or wherever.

It does vary from keyword to keyword and industry to industry? Then use you enter your billing details. I may have simplified it a little bit, right. But essentially, that’s what it is. Now, to create an excellent Google Google Ads account, you might like to get some help from an expert within Google ads. So can you can speed the process up.

What you can also do within Google is include your location; you can also exclude sites, too, right? So you can tell Google Apps that, hey, I want to search this area here. But this particular location and you can exclude those people.

Because you might find that, hey, a particular part of wherever you are, it says your community. And they’re your audiences, You don’t quite want those customers from that location. So you can exclude those locations. Typically that is how you can get your local business listed within Google within 24 hours.

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