Part 1: How To Get Leads For Your Local Business

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You want to generate leads, tail appointments or evaluations for your local business?

To find out check out my video below or keep reading for the full blog.

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In this five-part video series, I will be showing you some powerful ways, both paid and free, in which you can generate leads and customer appointments for your local business.

So what I mean by local is, maybe you’re a real estate agent, or perhaps you’re an electrician, this is for you.

The first method is using local SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. And this is where your business can be found within the organic section of Google.

So when you go to Google and someone types in your business name. For example, if I type in electricians in London, it will appear right at the top. But it seems towards the middle of the page. And when people click on these listings, your pay anyone anything.

To do that, firstly, you must decide on the location name and be very specific about the location name, don’t just go for the UK.

You could go for London, but for example, you know, what do you hold me into your local area where you know that people will be willing to commute that distance because not everybody might want to travel like 2530 miles or kilometres reach your business.

So once you’ve decided that, let’s say, for example, if your location is going to be Canary Wharf. You could have electricians in Canary Wharf.

To do that, the first thing you must do is make sure your title tag contains these keywords like electricians in Canary Wharf.  When people ask when Google comes onto your website, indexes, your website immediately knows that this is something to do with electricians in Canary Wharf.

Not only that, but when your pages are listed in Google, you’re the first link that people will be the people who will see, a clickable link with a title called electricians in Canary Wharf. What you must do is you’ve done the title tag.

Now you must make sure that the headings within your page or the specific page you’ve got within your website must contain the word electrician in Canary Wharf. But don’t spam. Don’t carry on putting lots of headings with the word electrician in Canary Wharf.

Try to keep a good balance. But if you overdo it, you’re spamming the page, and it doesn’t look real. And people, search engines to Google, can pick up that this is artificially over-optimized content.

So make sure that your body’s actual content of your page contains the word elections, electricians in Canary Wharf, or even a combination of variations of the word.

It’s not just having that particular phrase because people will type your expression in different ways. And if your content is about electricians and mentions Canary Wharf. Google and other searches are clever enough to note that this page is about electricians and electricians in Canary Wharf.

You have to carry on drumming that exact phrase onto your Google page. Otherwise, it does start to look a bit fake. And it’s not very readable. What I would also suggest is that the content, the number of texts you have on your page, give search engines a reasonable chance of understanding your content.

What I mean by that is, make sure that you’ve got at least 500 words on any one page 500 words of relevant content to whatever your subject. In this case, electricians and the conventions of the location, Canary Wharf, what you must also do, you must also make sure that you’ve got something called naps.

However, you write your company name, the address and the phone number. Make sure it’s always consistent throughout your pages and whether you promote your business on another search engine.

What’s also really important is to get your website listed within local directories.

But make sure that wherever you list your website, it uses this consistent nap formation. Like I told you earlier, your name, address and phone number and put links from the directories back to your website.

Again, however, make sure that the websites or directories you get your website listed on are relevant and of quality, high quality, and very relevant.

Don’t discuss spamming and getting loads and loads of links, right? Just make sure they are very suitable. You might even know a few bloggers or newspaper articles  who serve your local community;

Make sure that you get your links to your website from this platform. Because that will help Google understand many people link to this website from a relevant source. And therefore, there must be something good about this website.

Consequently, I’m getting more interest in this website. So Link building is compelling. However, it must be very carefully done to ensure high-quality links, only the poor. I would also suggest that local SEO make sure you sign up to Google Search Console.

So if you Google the word Google Search Console, you’ll be able to sign up for a free account. And what Google Search Console is, it’s a bit like, it monitors the health of your website.

Google Search Console will tell you Google Search Console to a whole load of other information about the traffic you’re getting onto your website. Undoubtedly worthwhile installing Google Search Console. Make sure you’ve got a sitemap.

A sitemap tells search engines what pages of your website it needs to know about. So put your most important pages within your Sitemap. When search engines come onto your website, it’s effortless for search engines to crawl your website and understand what your website is all about here.

Also, make sure that you’ve got a good URL structure. The website address that you have at the top tried to include your domain name in it anyway. But make sure that whatever page contain the word like, for example, electricians, maybe even elections and the word Canary Wharf.

If your website address is not John’s electricians, you turn the Then what you could have is John’s, forward slash electricians type in Canary Wharf.

Separate the words by using hyphens. Finally, make sure that your hosting your website on an HTTPS protocol. So what that means is that your website is secure; you might have to speak to your website developer or your webmaster and purchase something called a digital certificate.

And this is something that will help to gain trust when users come onto your website. Because they know that when they come on the website, the content is going to go into security. They enter any information there, and then it’s all encrypted. So it’s essential to make sure that you’ve got HTTPS, as opposed to just the traditional HTTP guys; I hope you found that helpful.

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