Is Google Ads For Business Worth It

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Is using Google ads for business worth it? So in today’s video, I’m going to be discussing some of the pros and cons of Google ads.

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So what is Google Ads? Google Ads is simply a platform. It’s an advertising platform. It allows businesses to place a small piece of description onto the Google page. So that when people search for their products or services, that the users can see the ad. They click on the ad, and they’ve taken to the business’s website.

In return, the business pays to Google a set amount of fees. So think of it as Google Ads is like your 24 hours, seven days a week sales machine. Constantly driving you leads and sales for people who are actively looking for your products.

So let’s start off with some of the pros of Google ads.

Firstly, you get the top spot that’s right for your business appears right at the top of the Google page. If you take out your mobile device, do a search on Google and see what appears right at the top even before you scroll down the page.

Those are typically ads from the Google Ads platform. They’re usually denoted by a small ad symbol, which appears on the left hand side of the ad, Google Ads is a short to long term strategy.

So unlike SEO for search engine optimization. It could take months if not years, to get onto the first page of Google, let alone your ads appearing at the top of Google. But with Google ads, your ads can appear your business can appear at the top of Google. Within their typically, even within a shortest 24 hours. You’ve got full control of your budget.

So you decide how much you want to pay every single day, every single week, every single month, you also decide. It could be that, hey, you’re generating so many leads. And he’s so intent, Google ads have not a problem. You just log into Google Ads platform and switch off for that day or for the week.

Likewise, if you want to increase your sales, so if you want more sales, or you want to generate more leads. You can go inside Google and increase your budget accordingly, high relevancy.

So with Google ads, you’re attracting motivated buyers, you’re attracting buyers, who are in the market for your products or services. They’re actively looking for your products or services at that very moment in time. Their search, Google your ad appears, bang, you know, you’ve got someone to be driven to either your website. To call you directly from within Google, you can precisely target your audiences.

So not only can you target your audiences by keywords, but a whole host of different ways. From locations, you can specify what locations you want to add to a parent, you’ve got audiences. So you can define in-market audiences. Example, if you’re in a state agency, you might want to say. Hey, I only want to attract people who are who are home owners.

So you can attract people by demographics like for example, the age, you can attract people by the device that they’re using. And so many different ways you can you can use Google ads to target your potential customers. You’ve got very precise reporting in Google ads.

So with Google ads, you can measure so many different things. For example, you know how many people have clicked on the ads. And out of those people who clicked on the ads, how many directly converted to a lead, or an inquiry or a sale, you can track you know how much each click is costing you.

You can track what locations people are clicking on the ads, in order to visit your website, or even call you. You can track how many phone calls you’ve had directly from Google. So the way you can measure your Google Ads campaign is just tremendous. Different platforms. So with Google ads, you can target your ads on so many different platforms from your search platform. From the display platform videos, shopping platform, universal app platform.

So there’s a whole range of platforms that your ads can be shown to your potential customers to enable remarketing. So you know, it could be that,  somebody has visited your website, they haven’t made an inquiry or they haven’t purchased from your website. But they’ve gone away to a different platform, like Facebook. What you can do Google ads, you can say, even though they’ve gone away from a website.

I can show these people ads based on the page that they’re looking at, or the products that they’re looking at. To re invite them to come back onto your website again. And let’s face it, how many websites do you visit a day?

And it’s always the case that hey, which website do visit wait had that product for servicing. So with remarketing, you bring him back users that you may have otherwise had lost Creek experiments with Google ads. It could be that you’ve got a new product launch, or you’ve got a new service. And he’s gonna see how that service goes here. Rather than waiting weeks and weeks or months, for your organic rankings to to catch up. You can create a campaign right now. It’ll appear within Google page within hours, if not within 24 hours.

So you can see what the success of their campaign is like now how many sales you’re getting for this new product you’re getting. So you’re creating experiments within Google Ads is extremely fast attract phone calls. There’s a lot of business out there that have a much higher conversion rate.

When they receive a telephone call, as opposed to somebody going on to their website and filling in a form. Well, with Google ads, you can do that. You can configure your Google Ads campaign, so people can call you directly from the Google page itself.

So using the display campaigns, or the video campaigns, you can build your brand awareness. At a fraction of the price of what it would cost you to build a brand and brand awareness. Using some type of a PR campaign, or you know, putting your ads in papers or newspapers. With Google ads, creating brand awareness is an absolute brilliant platform to get your message out to your potential audiences maximize your ROI with smart bidding.

Google has now put more of an emphasis on smart bidding, which means that campaigns are so much more clever. They can help you to identify your potential customers.

And now, some of the cons. One of the cons is, the costs of Google Ads per click, the cost per click could be quite high in comparison to other platforms. Such as Facebook now but then again I would argue that the quality of the clicks that you’re getting from Google Ads is 1010 times higher. Because you are attracting people who are actively looking for your products or services.

Just think about it. Last time you wanted to search for a product or service. Where did you go, you didn’t go to Facebook to look for that product or service. More than likely you would do platforms such as Google, he typed in what you wanted to search for.

Hence, the reason though, the cost per click might be higher, the quality is exponentially higher. Another downside of Google Ads is that, you know, it does require a level of expertise. So you can’t just go in and start, you know, creating campaigns. Otherwise, you could end up whereby it’s costing you a whole lot of money. And you’re not getting your returns on investment. So you know, it could be that, people say. Hey, Google Ads doesn’t work. It’s not it’s purely it doesn’t work.

It just that it hasn’t been set up correctly, to make it work for your business. So what I would advise if you are going to implement a Google Ads campaign, seek help from an expert. Who does this day in day out and they know what nuts and bolts to turn in order to Bing. The sales, the leads, or or the conversion that you expect.


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