How to Start Basic: Google Ads Campaign Tutorial

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Let’s dive into the world of Google Ads and how, with just a few steps, you can potentially list your business at the very top of Google search results. Whether you’re looking to boost leads for a service-based business or amp up sales for your e-commerce, Google Ads can be a game-changer. 🚀

To find out more, check out my video below or keep reading for the full blog.

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How to Set Up Your Google Ads Campaign: A Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Start Off Right
    • Head to
    • Scroll down and click on ‘advertising geek’.
    • Hit the ‘Start now’ button and let Google guide you.
  2. Toggle Expert Mode
    • During setup, when prompted for details like name and email, locate ‘switch to expert mode’ at the screen’s bottom. Click on it. This ensures you have maximum control over your campaign.
  3. Interface Familiarisation
    • On the dashboard, the option of primary interest is ‘campaigns’.
  4. Begin Your Campaign
    • Click on the blue icon with the ‘+’ symbol.
    • Choose a new campaign.
    • There are various campaign types available. For this example, let’s say we’re promoting a dental website – a service, not a product. Thus, opt for ‘leads’ and then ‘search campaign’.
  5. Fine-Tune Your Campaign Settings
    • Name your campaign.
    • Opt out of ‘Google Search partners’ and ‘Google Display Network’ to ensure your ads only appear on Google.
    • Specify your target location. For instance, ‘London’ within the UK. 🇬🇧
    • Set a daily budget. For this example, £10 is allocated.
  6. Keyword Selection
    • It’s all about getting found. Keywords are pivotal. When someone searches for ‘dental implants’, we want our ad to show up.
    • Key in your selected keywords. For more precision, use square brackets.
  7. Ad Creation 🎨
    • Specify the landing page URL for your ad.
    • Craft a catchy headline. For instance, “Dental Implants, London”.
    • Create a compelling description. Remember, Google offers suggestions, but always use your best judgment.
  8. Launch!
    • Once you’re satisfied, click on ‘Save and Continue’, and then ‘Publish’.

Voilà! Within approximately 10 minutes (or 15 if you include the sign-up process), your business can be shining at the top of Google.

However, it’s essential to understand that this guide offers a brief overview. True mastery of Google Ads requires diving deeper into strategies, bid amounts, tracking, and more. 📊

Want to Elevate Your Google Ads Game?

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Remember, your business deserves the spotlight, and we’re here to help you shine! 🌟

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