How To Get Qualified Leads From Google Ads?

In this blog, I’m going to show you how you can get qualified leads from Google ads. Now, what I mean by that is that it’s great getting leads. We can get 100 leads a day, or 1000 leads a day. But what I’m talking about now is how to get quality and qualified leads from Google ads.

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Use targeted ad copy. What I mean is to make sure that your ad copy reflects exactly what the user might be searching for. Now, with ad copy, take into account. That this is the first thing that people are seeing when they decide when they’re going to click on the ad or whether they’re not going to click on it.

Not only is it important to have a higher number of clicks. In other words, you’re trying to get everyone to click on your ad to visit your website. But it’s equally as important to disqualify your audiences.

For example, if you sell your product or service retails at $100, you might want to put that in your ad. What it will do is that if somebody was expecting only to pay $50. — they are not likely to then click on the ad. Because your product or service retails for $100. So that’s one great way to disqualify your audience’s keywords.

Firstly, make sure that you also use a combination of longtail keywords. If you’re in the real estate agency, as opposed to just putting the state agency you might want to use words such as a five-bedroom house in London. What you’re doing is that the quality of the clicks that you’re getting is can be very high. Even though the volume is gonna be very low. Also, make sure that you broke new keywords down into research intent, and buying intent.

Make sure most of your keywords have buying intent, so people aren’t just researching. In other words, they’re trying to find out how to do something. You’ve got audiences whereby you’ve got keywords where people are ready to buy your products or services.

Also, the same subject has keywords, it’s important to really go to town on your negative keywords. Keep an eye on the negative keywords on a regular basis to make sure we’re not paying for clicks. Whereby the click is not going to be relevant to us over we don’t supply that product or service, short-form versus long forms.

The tendency or ways is to create a short form. For example,  name, email, phone number and message. But one way to improve the quality of the conversion that you’re going to get is by adding a few extra fields. If people have made the effort to fill those fields in, then they are more there. Even though fewer people fill them in, they will be more serious pilots. If you have some more fields that you might want to find out a bit of information. If you’re in the business of hiring limousines, so rather than just asking. — “Hey, you know, what’s your name, address and phone number?”

You could say, “Where do you want to be picked up?” “From what date do you want to be picked up?”

As a result of that dickwad the quality of the leads you’re going to get. In Google Ads, you can define your audiences. Again, if you’re litigating to a real estate agency, depending on what part of the world you live in. You could have an audience set up so that you’re targeting you add people who may be homeowners or even home renters.

There’s a whole host of audiences that you can set it within Google ads. Make sure you choose the right audiences, as well as demographics. In this way, you will attract people who might be 24 to 36, or 35, whatever. Right. As a result that, your ads will show for a higher quality audience. Rather than everyone who might be searching for those keywords.

Use targeted landing pages. So what I mean by that is that if somebody has searched for your product or service. Make sure that you take them to a page that is highly relevant to what they searched for. This page must give all the information that you feel that the user will want to know about.

Make sure your call to action very clearly defined, don’t make the assumption that people are going to go to the top of the page and fill in your click on the Contact Us button.

With these data, you can implement your campaigns with Google Analytics. Data showing where your audiences are coming from, or you might be getting inquiries from all over the world. But where the majority of your actual sales and conversion is coming from. What you can do then, is start thinking rather than the whole country.

Because I know that the quality of my audiences, I’m going to get basically far higher because that’s where my audience is hanging out. So if you’ve got a product or service, which is expensive. Now think about the locations within wherever you are that you can target you ads to.

I’d rather targeting everywhere, you’ve been targeted to the most affluent type of areas, search terms. So I spoke about keywords earlier. But equally, it’s important to remember what your search terms are. Then you can keep an eye on not only what keywords you’ve supplied to Google. But what search terms you are using to trigger your ads in the first place.

By doing so, you can then revise your Google Ads account to either include those search terms as your keywords or even make some of those sessions negative. This means you get a higher quality of leads.


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