How To Do Quick Keyword Research For Google Ads Using Uber Suggest

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Episode [0002]
Your Host: Ajay Dhunna
Date: 20 March 2020

Keyword research is an essential part of building a successful Google Ads campaign. In this episode we show you how to do quick keyword research using Uber Suggest. This is a process of discovering keywords, and its related statistics, which would help drive quality leads, customers, sales to your website.

Great thing is, no signups required, no credit card/billing details required.

At a later date we will discuss implementing keyword research via the Google’s own Keyword Planner tool, but that requires you to create an account. So this is an introduction to keyword research.

In this episode we discuss

• What Keyword Research is

• When do use it

• How to use Uber Suggest, which is a tool co-founded by Neil Patel, to conduct your research

• The power of Negative keywords


Blog: How To Do Quick Keyword Research For Google Ads Using Uber Suggest

Before implementing a Google Ads campaign, you might just want to check:
  • What type of demand there is for the services you provide.
  • What types of costs may be involved.
  • What are the best keywords you can use to drive customers to your website, that may convert into a lead, or an enquiry or a booking.
  • Whether you can identify other opportunities which are related to your services, that might be in more demand that you can start to market.
  • Maybe you wish to get an idea of what type of budget you might need to allocate to your marketing campaign, especially if you are considering creating a Google Ads Search Marketing campaign.
This is where you need a tool which will quickly allow you to conduct such research, without the need to signing up, or entering your billing details etc. The tool I’m going to go through with you today is caller “Uber Suggest” which is a brilliant, simple to use Keyword research tool.
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