How To Add Missing Contacts in Active Campaign To An Automation?

How to add missing contacts in Active Campaign to An Automation?

Sometimes what happens is that you build automation. Let’s say you build two or three automation. And in one automation, you’re going to subscribe your contacts from that automation to different automation. What you might someday find is that. — X number of contacts in total might have 1000 contacts. Then your second automation, you’ve only got like 500.

Where are the other contacts then?
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In this blog what I’m going to show you is how you can find out which contacts are missing from the second automation that exists in the fourth first automation. How to put them into the second automation? Okay, so let’s jump on and hope you’re gonna find this blog useful.

First, we need to highlight, click on contacts in the top left. Then we need to click into these search contacts. As soon as you click anywhere, you get this advanced search option. Click on Advanced Search. Now, this is where all the magic begins. The first thing we want to do, we want to tell the active campaigns that let’s get all the contacts who have entered certain automation.

I want to click on has entered automation. Then I want to click on the name of the automation that the user or the contact has already entered. In this case, it’s gonna be 100 templates downloaded. Now what I’m going to do, I’m going to click on this option here called to add another condition.

I want to make sure that end is selected. Now this time, what I want to do is I want to select automation that the contract has not entered. It is entered the first automation, but not the second one. Click on actions, scroll down and has not entered automation. Now, choose the automation whereby the user has not entered. In this case, it’s the indoctrination, automation here.

The last thing I need to do is I need to choose the list. Which list Am I going to be looking at?  I click on here again, and I click on action. Enlist and choose the list that the automation chapter use. In this case, it’s gonna be the henna ebooks downloaded automation.

Now, what I do is click on the search button here. These are all the records of people who have entered the first automation, but not the second. I know the top left-hand corner here, I can see that the 110 people will meet these conditions. All I do now is click on this tick box here. Alternatively, you can edit all and then I click on Add to automation.

Then I select the automation that I want these users to assign to. In this case, I want to go into my indoctrination automation, click on that I click on Add. Finally, click on Apply. As soon as I click on apply, all these contacts will be adding to the indoctrination automation. I can if I want, I can add a tag here before I do this so that if I need to just see anytime I want to check. — who is it that I have manually pushed into the indoctrination, automation.

I’ve got quite long tags, but that’s up to you. Then I simply click on Apply by change 200 and contacts. Then that’s finish. What you can do then is simply go to automation will to check if it’s working. What you should see is that if you click on your automation. In this case, indoctrination you said. See look here we can see that Okay, so they’ve already received this first email now.

There’s now 100 level of people waiting for one day to see this. Now you can now add missing contacts in Active Campaign to automation.


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