How Quickly Am I Going To Start Getting Leads Using Google Ads?

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How quickly Am I going to start getting leads using Google ads?

Now, that’s a question I get asked time and time again? How quickly am I going to start getting sales using Google ads?

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In reality, it is difficult to analyze your data. Google Analytics will help you track data, so you can measure that historically. With for every 100 visitors, we get on our website, we convert 10 here, so you’ve got a 10% conversion rate.

Now, if that’s the case, then then it’s not so bad, it’s relatively easy. Because what you can do, you can say, all right, well, if I get 1000 visitors, 10% of that is 100. Therefore,  I need 1000 visits a website, because 10% is 100.

So that’s how many how many conversions I’m going to get using Google Ads. But if you haven’t got any data, what are you gonna base it on? You can base it on industry standards, and there’s lots of sources that you can go to sell. Because every industry is going to have their own conversion rates, some are going to convert at 1%, some may convert at a 5% or 10% to 20%, or whatever.

Every industry is going to have their own. You can do all the forecasting you want. There are ways of, of doing forecasting, using Google ads and Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Now it is very difficult to say that how many leads and sales you’re going to get is because it depends on three core factors.

Number one, is the traffic that you’re going to get. What’s the quality of the traffic that you’re getting onto your website? What are and how are people getting onto your website using what sort of keywords? And what is the intent of the people who are searching for you on Google or whatever?

Okay, so the first one is traffic.

The second one is your website. Now, when people come onto your website, they will make an instant decision as to whether they want to buy from you. Whether they want to jump onto the next website or inquire or make an appointment. It depends on multiple factors. It could be the speed of your website, it could be the general design of your website, the navigation, your landing page. How quickly is to find information on your website.

There are multiple factors, which may determine whether people stick around your website to find out more about you, or they just go away to the next website?

The third reason, core thing that will determine your conversion rate is your content. You might have the best traffic and best website in the world. But how about your content? I mean by content is, what about your prices?

What about how well have you described your products or services? Is it clear?

When I come onto your website, is it clear exactly what I’m going to get? How am I going to get it and if you’ve got a ecommerce website? What are the delivery timescales? What’s the return policy you know, how do I contact you? How do you contact us more for the website design? What sort of tone of voice are using ?

These three core factors will help to determine the something called a conversion rate in other words that for every 10 people that come onto the website. How many are actually going to convert. In short what you need to do you need to experiment.

You should work with your marketing agency to set up an experimental budget right our that’s 300 pounds 500 pounds 1000 pounds. Creates a small campaigns right keeps him when you create your campaigns you know keep your campaigns very structured.

Have your intent keyword the high intent keywords. You have your research keywords right, your excellent ad copy, and your negative keywords in place. Make sure you got your tracking installed, right, so you can measure how many people are actually converting.

Compared to how many people are coming onto your site, and also get other data. Like when people are on your website, what are they doing when they’re on your website.

Once you got data, so you could run a campaign. Let’s say, if your budget is 1000 pounds, you might run a campaign for a month. X amount of people are now converting now now you got data, right. Using that data that you got, you can now start planning your future months.

From spending 1000 pounds, if you generate 100 sales, right, you know that, in theory, if you spend 2000 pounds, you’re going to get close to 10% of that, which will be sub 200. conversion. It’s not as black and white, because it’s not such a linear type of formula, but you’ve got a bit of an idea.

As months go on, you got more and more conversion data to work with, the more data you have, the quickly the more you’ll be able to create your forecasting. That’s how you can start scaling your business by understanding your data.

Next time you work with your marketing agency, if you haven’t gotten data, take these things into account. Give them a bit of a chance to get you some data. In other words, that if you’ve got a budget of let’s say, 1000 pounds, right, I might spend a lot of it towards the beginning. Rather than distributing over two months, just reach over a month.



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