How Do You Improve Your Quality Score In Google Ads | 7 Easy Steps

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Episode [0004]
Your Host: Ajay Dhunna
Date: 15 June 2020

So you want to cut your costs in Google Ads, by improving Your Quality Score? But how do you improve your quality score i the first place? This Podcast tells you everything you need to know, 7 easy to follow steps.

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Blog: How Do You Improve Your Quality Score In Google Ads | 7 Easy Steps

One of the easiest ways to cut your cost in Google Ads is to improve your quality score. But how do you improve your quality score (QS), and more so, what is a quality score in the first place?

From day one, Google has always been about providing users with the most relevant results possible and the best user experience possible. Not only that, they want to ensure that when a user conducts a search and they end up on a website, they’re still getting the best experience possible. One crucial metric Google uses to determine this is called Quality Score. So quality score is a metric used by Google which is a combination of keywords used, the ads which are shown to the user to make sure they’re most relevant, the click-through rate for the actual ad itself, and the website experience.

Essentially, Google want to reward you for creating a great and relevant user experience. The higher your quality score, the less you have to pay for cost-per-click. So in summary, by increasing your quality score, your cost-per-click goes down, you get more clicks, you get better rankings, and ultimately it helps increase your profitability and your ROI.

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