How to create a Google My Business Listing For Google Maps

How Do I Create A Google My Business Listing? How Do I Get My Website On Google Maps?

This blog will show you how do I create a Google My Business listing? Or how do I get my website on Google Maps. These are two of the most common questions I get asked when it comes to local businesses wanting to get their business listed on the Google page within the map section of Google. 

And just for those who may not quite know what Google Maps is, let me show you very quickly. If someone types in, say, for example, plumbers near me, then at the top, you get some ads here, these are local service ads, these are Google ads. But more importantly, what you get is you get this section here, which is the Google My Business section, otherwise known as Google Maps. And it’s really great to be listed in this section. Because if you what you can do is that regardless of how many times somebody clicks on these ads, you don’t need to pay anyone a single penny. But it’s not always that easy to get into the intersection, which is why a lot of people opt for going for the paid ads, which appear here. But also, you’ve got to realize that now the maps, this section does stand out a lot more than say, this section here, which is full of text, and you’ve got some graphical, you know, got the map there, and you’ve got the rating. So it does stand out a bit more. So it does attract a lot more clicks, as opposed to even this section here, which is the organic section. Again, this is free. But it does take a long time and a lot of effort to get into this section here. 


What I’m going to show you now is how you can get your business listed within the Google My Business section, right of the Google page. So if you’re a local business, in other words, that you know, you serve customers who either come to you it either to your store, or to your office or your premises, in order to get some treatment, or counseling or services, whatever. Or you maybe you go out to serve them. So maybe you’re a plumber, or an electrician or something like that, whereby you’re traveling a local distance, these are absolutely superb for you guys, because you know, when people are searching, searching for local businesses, you know, you’ve got a good chance of your business list being listed within this section and getting a lot of clicks. So let’s get to it. And I’ll show you how to get listed. Now, what I always recommend is, whenever you’re going to use any one of Google services, always use a Google email address, right. So always create a Google account. And the reason I say that is because when you’re using any one of Google services, whether it’s Google ads, or Google Merchant Centre, or Google Analytics, or Google My Business, they all seem to work a lot better when you’re using work with each other a lot better when using a Google account. And to do that, you simply go to Accounts And just follow just as far as the options that you get and the field that you get, put in all your detail, choose an email address and use that email address moving forward. Now, once you create that, then what you need to do, you need to go to, like this. And you    need to sign in. And I’m probably already signed in. So because I’m already signed in. So you would use whatever email account that you just created user account set up Okay, and then you’ll be presented with this screen here, and it would take this little widget away. So you can start typing the new business name, or you can just click on Add your business to Google. So you click on here. And then you type in your business name. Okay, so I’m going to just type in a business name for now. So I’ll just type in my digital search Academy three, in this case, right? And your business categories. So what you can do here, you can start filling this in, like if you’re a plumber, for example. Right? You can, as soon as you start filling it in, get some recommendations as to the categories of businesses that are available. So it’s worthwhile spending some time and making sure you’re in the right category. Right so you can choose a plumber or for if you’re electrician, you know, you can type electrician over here or dentist or whatever. So I’m going to type in say, marketing and marketing agency. Okay, and then you simply click on next and then You just follow the question that you’re getting. So do you want to add a location? Customers can visit like a store or office? So in this case, I’m gonna type in No, because in my case people don’t visit my premises. So we do either things online or I got to visit them primarily. Okay? So click on next. Where do you serve your customers, right? So this is optional, so you don’t have to type in for example, if I serve Birmingham, so I can just type in Birmingham, UK, or I can type in like West Midlands, maybe. There you go, middle and West Midlands, UK. Okay. And then you can click on Next here. And then type in your telephone number, your contact details. Your website address. If you don’t have a website, just put a tick box in here. And don’t worry, if you don’t know all this information where you’ve most of you know anyway, right? But if you don’t know, or don’t worry about it, because you can always go in and update the information, right? So don’t worry about too much. Okay. Click on Next here. Okay, and now you’re going to enter your, your, your postal address. So in this case, I’m going to type in one Toria square, Birmingham is already trying to be clever, and trying to work out where I am. So here’s my address. And I think so I can click on Next here now. Okay, so on this day, this is really important. Now, what happens, there’s Google needs to verify that you are a genuine business and you’ve entered some genuine details about your business, right? So because it doesn’t want people to just make up lots of addresses. So it needs to verify you. 


Depending on the details that you’ve entered, you, Google will allow you to get your business verified by sending you a text message. So in this case, it’s recognised my phone number, right. So if you didn’t recognise my phone number, it wouldn’t give me the option of getting my business verified via text, right. But normally, what happens is that you’ll get this option here, which says postcard by email. So in this case, what Google will do is it will send you a postcard to the address that you’ve entered. And under postcard will simply be a coded be like a small number. And then what it’s waiting for is that you will need to go back into your Google account once you’ve received that card, which normally takes about five to seven days. And just type that code in. In that way, Google’s verify that your genuine business and the data that you’ve entered are correct. And that’s pretty much it. This is what this video is showing us how to get your business listed within the Google My Business section, there is a video you see a link somewhere here. And what I do in that video is I tell you more details about how not only can get your business listed within the Google My Business section. But how to get more visits or get your listing higher up within the Google My Business section, or do click on that link. And watch my video, it’s a little bit more detailed. But at least you’ve got the basics down because you know this in itself would get you listed within the Google My Business section, you might not be on the first page, you might be somewhere within the Google My Business section. But again, check out that video, or there’ll be a link in the description below as well. So that’s another factor in accessing the more advanced video, which shows you what are the tweaks that you can do to get your business listed higher and get more people seeing your business listing. So, guys, I hope you found that views. If you do like this sort of content, please do hit the subscribe button, do hit the notifications button. And if you’ve had any experience yourself of creating a Google My Business account, you know or Google or Google my Google Maps as some people call it, please do let me know in the comments below that what’s your experience? I mean, what sort of conversions you’re getting, what sort of challenges that you might have faced and you know, whether you think it’s been it’s been useful for you or not, guys, take care and I hope to see you soon. Bye-bye for now.



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