Google My Business Is Going Away! Is Google Scrapping GMB?

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Is Google My Business going away? That’s a question that a lot of people are asking. And so in this blog, I want to help you to understand precisely what’s going on with Google My Business.

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You’ll get a very definitive answer to what exactly is happening with Google My Business. First of all, as a quick recap, what is Google My Business. For businesses with local premises, either people visit them locally. They want to check the local audience. And they might have several branches throughout the country.

So they want to put their listings on to the Google page. If you go to Google and look for a plumber, see this listing over here under Google posted promptly. It’s got a map on it. And it’s got like a few business Edison’s on it. This listing gets here by using Google My Business. And if you want to know more about getting your business listed in Google My Business on the Google page, please get in touch with me.

What are the changes that Google are making? Why is it asking if Google My Business going away?

Let me explain. Firstly, Google is renaming itself from Google My Business to Google business profile is a minimal change. But Google has a habit of changing stuff whenever it wants to.

I mean, previously, it was known as what Google Places will give a local Google Classroom, so many different things. So now it’s called, it’s going to be called Google business profile.

Secondly, Google will get rid of its mobile app. Historically you can use Google; you can use an app to manage your Google My Business Listings; as of 2022, it stopped entirely. So you might have a bit of time to use it. But it will start limiting its functionality.

And soon, you’re going to have to stop by sometime in 2022. You can manage your listings directly on the Google search page, Google Maps, or via a web interface.

What Google is trying to do is that they’re trying to make lives easier for small businesses to manage their listing. So rather than going inside an interface, like Google My Business and editing their listing, you might want to change your phone number or your photos or whatever. Now, you’ll be able to do it directly from the Google page.

It just makes your life a little bit easier. And don’t forget, this change will be primarily aimed at businesses who’ve got a single listing. Suppose you’ve got a single listing of your target audience, why this change has come mainly about the current Google, my business interface.

In that case, we edit your listings, and so on, which is now soon going to rename to Business Profile Manager. So it’s just another terminology that you’re going to have to get used to. But that’s going to allow you to manage your listings.

And it’s more aimed at larger businesses, larger businesses who have gained several locations throughout the country or worldwide. We have some new features you can’t do a business name change that everything new features. One of the new features is that you’re going to have code history. 

What you’ll be able to do is you’re going to see metrics about your calls that how many calls you had, what’s been the duration of the cause, and where the reason has come from. The details of this are limited at the moment. The other feature that Google is bringing out, which I’m excited about, is having a real-time chat facility. So you’ll be able to users your potential customers.

They’ll be able to search for your business as well as call you. They will be hit a button and chat with you in real-time. So will it be text-based chat, but the chat to so you’ll be able to answer them in real-time.

And that is invaluable because If they’re searching for you, that is when their need is the highest they want your services, they just got a query about something. If you’re answering their question, there’s a very high chance you can win their business. Also, the other change that Google is making is that they’re adding a performance planner.

This will be used via Google ads, one of my favourite platforms. So if you’re going to if you’ve got Google My Business listing and want to promote it further, using Google Ad using paid ads is priceless to you.

Because what you’ll be able to what you’re able to do with the performance planner is, do some forecasting, you’ll be able to see that, if I put x amount of budget, what type of return am I likely to get? Or how many calls are more likely to get and so on.

Again, details of these are minimal. So but that is what the performance planner is planning on delivering to you. So, in summary, no, Google, my business is not going away. It is changing, and it’s going to get better. It’s going to be way easier for you to use.

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