Beginner’s Guide: What is Google Analytics?

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I often get asked, What is Google Analytics?

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So every digital marketing strategy must make use of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics essentially allows you to measure and give you various pieces of information about the traffic that is coming onto your website. It is where people are coming to your website from, what type of keywords they’re using to come onto your website. You can also see how long have people been on your website. The most popular pages on your website.

From the website, it can tell how many of those have actually converted into a lead or fill in your contact form. It can give you more details like the income you generated from various source of traffic.

So if you’re not using it, it’s a little bit like playing tennis. Without having anyone to keep the scores about who scores and what round you’re in. So having good lead analytics, as part of your digital marketing strategy is an absolute must.

With it, you can make data-driven decisions, which means that the decisions that you’re making are based on some numbers. As opposed to just had taken guesstimate as to let’s start that campaign, or let’s do a little bit.

All your marketing strategies should be based on numbers. So how does it works? Simply go to analytics or and you sign up for an account.

It gives you a small piece of code, which you put into your website. You can ask your website developers to put it into your website. What happens after that is Google starts analyzing everything that happens on your website. So if you’re getting traffic from YouTube, and that’s converting into a sale. It will tell you that if you’re getting traffic from Google ads that are converting to sale.

It will tell you what are the weakest areas of your website.  For example, it will tell you that, hey, X amount of people are coming onto a certain page of your website. This might not be performing very well and exiting straightaway. So you can then look at that information and take action against it. That is technically known as a bounce. In other words, that people are visiting a website for 10 people come to the website, and five of them leave that page straight away.

That means you’ve got a 50% bounce rate on that page, you can then take a look at that page. It will tell you why do you think people are exiting this page, let’s take a specific action. Either change the content or the prices of the images.

Furthermore, it doesn’t just tell you the traffic data into the where they’re coming from. It also gives you demographics information.

For example, it tells you that what gender people are who are coming into your website. Then the ones are converting more into a sale, or a lead. Show you their locations. It tells you depending on what part of the world you’re in, it tells you income.

So using this information, you can change your digital marketing strategy to cater for those audiences.

So a recent example we had is that we’ve got a customer in the home improvement industry. — who was getting a stack of leads every single day, and they were quite happy with the ROI they’re getting.

Then, when we deep dive into their Google Analytics, we found that most of their audiences are male from a specific area or within the UK. We then amended our Google Ads campaign to cater for those demographics. What we found is that the ROI is shut up. And not only did the ROI shooter, but the amount we’re spending decreased significantly. This means that we were able to use the data that we’ve got and focus that laser beam it towards the demographics that are converting for us.

Likewise, give other scenarios whereby we found that a certain page like the checkout page as a very common page to a very high exit rate, and then you can take action against these.

I encourage you all that create an account within Google Analytics, integrate it with any website and start looking at the data.


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