A 5 Minute Guide To Twittering For SEO

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Google has confirmed its position on social media declaring that social media will be more favourable in Google search engine ranking. Bearing this in mind, any SEO consultant, will realise that it would be utter madness to miss out on social media practice in SEO, especially Twitter. Thus we have completed a brief guide to Twittering for SEO purposes, which could help any novice get to grips with social media.

Step one is to start up a fully functioning account. Yes, this means registering and tweeting, but also interacting by ‘following’ other industry members and clients. As a social media website, the more you interact, the larger amount of people you get interested and in turn the more traffic you, hopefully, divert. So how do you do this?

– Be interactive, ask questions, answer others and get involved in conversations.

– Follow others: this can help in a great number of ways, as by following others you develop a larger social media presence; you can gain market research and understanding and you can develop a greater understanding of how your market works online.

– Be friendly at all times and thank those who mention your or retweet your links. A sense of gratefulness is always great for customer loyalty.

Step two is to develop quality content outside Twitter, which then can be tweeted. Like any content for SEO, the quality has to be good for people to be interested. This means, it needs to be something relevant and interesting to your market, as well as well written.

Step three is very simple, invite everyone you already know as a customer or social media follower (i.e. those on Facebook) to become a follower of your business on Twitter.

Step four of the process is using short-term marketing tactics to gain momentum with your Twitter account. Twitter is a great place to market promotions, such as sales, competitions and discounts, mainly because it goes around the online very quickly compared to other social media websites. This is because of the way Twitter works, as a catch up with social information and gossip, rather than keeping in contact with friends etc.

Step 5 is part of the greater understanding of SEO, that in order to optimize your website, you need relevant keywords that will help your business be found for its services online. Don’t forget this, when it comes to social media either, as it is just as important. So try to get into using your keywords naturally in updates and under your profile for social media, as well as when you blog or write any content for your website.

Social media is getting more useful when it comes to optimising your website for Google. But for it to be successful, you need to constantly monitor your interactions as well as offer your Twitter customer basis something special for joining you online.

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