8 Types Of Google Ads Formats [2020]

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I’m going to show you eight different types of Google Ads formats that you can use within Google ads to ensure that your message is portrayed in the best possible way to help you get a maximum conversion rate regardless of the type of input or campaign that you’re implementing.

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Now, what is a Google Ads format? Google Ads format is simply the types of media that you will use to present to your potential customers when implementing an advertising campaign. Whether that be images, text, or video ads. Text ads, as their name implies, are text only, typically implemented within search campaigns. These are probably one of the most widely used types of ads.

Text ads

Now commonly known as expanded text ads, where you can specify exactly what the user has to see when your ad is being triggered from the top headline to the descriptions, including the display URL responsive ads.

Responsive ads

Basically smart ads, where Google can change the appearance, the size and the format of the ad. Depending on the device that the ad is being displayed on. These obviously can be image or text based ads. With text based ads, you can specify a number of different headlines and a number of different descriptions. Google will determine which headline and description to present to your user in order to give them the best user experience possible.

Corner Ads

Designed specifically to encourage your potential customers to call you, as opposed to visiting your website. If your business is better able to serve your potential customers via phone call, as opposed to receiving an email, then a corner ad is an absolute must for you. Corner Ads would typically appear on mobile devices and you’ve got a choice of either using your own phone number, or you can use a Google forwarding number called a gfn number. Either way, people will be able to quote you directly from the Google page by simply clicking on a link and calling you.

Image ads

As the name implies, these are images, which you can display on primarily the Google Display Network to advertise your products or services. Image ads can appear in multiple formats. You can use animated gifs, static gifs, or even html5 formats. What is important is to make sure that when designing your image ads, you design them both for desktop and mobile. There are different sizes and different size formats, make sure you cater for both sizes, app promotion ads etc.

App promotion ads

These are primarily designed to allow you to get more downloads of your app. It also allows you to embed deep links to direct parts of your app itself. If you’ve got an app and you want to get thousands of downloads, this is the number one platform.

Instant Video Ads

These are targeted ads to allow you to promote your YouTube video. YouTube is owned by Google. They both work great hand in hand. You may have at some point in time visited, say for example, YouTube, you want to watch your video and you might have seen a video come up before your main video with a skip button on the bottom right hand corner. Now that is implemented using an in stream video ad. If you click Skip, after five seconds, you go to your main video and if you do, click skip, the great thing is that the advertiser doesn’t pay for watching those first five seconds. How brilliant is that?

Google Shopping ads

Also known as product shopping ads. If you have an e-commerce website, then you can have your products displayed on the Google page whenever somebody conducts a search for your products. Typically, Google will display your product image, a photo of your product, the price of your product, the title, as well as the brand. If you do have an e-commerce website, Google Shopping ads are an absolute must.

Showcase shopping ads

Now, in a similar way to how Google Shopping ads work but Google will display a catalogue of your products. At this moment, these ads are not very popular but I’m hoping that in time, they will get more and more popular. The great thing about Google showcase ads is when your catalogue is displayed it’s not showing all your competitors and their prices as well. It’s just your catalogue. It’s targeted at your product range, which is why Google showcase ads are really good.

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