7 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Ads For Business In 2021

In this blog, I will tell you why you should use Google ads for your business.

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Seven reasons why you should use Google ads for business.

1. Google has the highest amount of searches per day

Google has the highest amount of searches per day, it has over 4 billion searches per day.

Now just think when you’re looking for your products or service when you go to what’s the first place that you go to. Over 90% of people will go to Google to do their search.

2. Google has the highest intent

There are about 2.5 million searches conducted on Google intent. Google has the highest intent, in other words, that it’s got your buying intent audiences out there. As well as research intent for people go there with an intent to either buy a product service, or to inquire. Unlike using a platform such as social media.

People are not necessarily looking for your products or services. And what you’re doing on social media is your ads in front of them is to entice them to click the ad. Whereby they can go to your website or landing page. Technically it’s called disruptive marketing.  You’re disrupting the behaviour.

3. Google is a predictive platform

Google people are there to find your product or services control your cost per lead with Google ads. Because it’s such a predictive platform.

You can work out exactly what your cost per click is going to be, and how many clicks you need in order to make a conversion. With bidding strategies that you’ve got Google medic, for example, target CPA, and you can tell Google that I want to generate leads. Which are going to cost me right now $10 per lead, or $20 per lead. And that’s normally dependent on the value of the product that you’re supplying when the product is selling online.

4. Google uses various targeting options

But it uses your various targeting options within Google. So you know, you can see you can target your users by keywords by display ads by audiences by dynamic search ads. There are many different ways in which you can target your potential audiences build brand awareness.

So again, with Google, not only can you have ads, which are triggered by your keywords, but you can also use display ads to target people with the same interests.

5. Google can promote your Youtube content

Putting ads in front of people with your brand on it, you can also use YouTube. Wherein, Google now owned Youtube.

Google so that you can promote your YouTube content through Google ads. It can build up your brand and you’ve got full control. You have full control over where your ads are showing,  types of audiences that you want.

6. Google Ads give you full control

For example, if you’re an educator, you can show your ads to homeowners. You’ve got full control over the demographics. You can say that, hey, I want to show my ad to o females or males, or within a certain age bracket.

You can get full control of how you want to spend per day, as well as how would you really want to pay per click. You’ve got so much control over your Google Ads within your account structure.

7. Gives you quicker result

You get quicker results compared to SEO, or even Facebook or some of the other channels. Because you can potentially get your business listed within Google even on the site as well as the same day. And if you’ve got a new product or service that you should launch, just go into your Google Ads account. You can put the details in there and Google can show your ads straightaway.


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