7 Reasons: Why Are My Ads are not being Shown On Google [2021]

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I often get questions like why my ads are not showing on Google. Today, I want to show you seven of the top reasons your ad may are not offered on Google.

To find out more check out my video below or keep reading for the full blog.

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So what typically happens is that people run their own Google Ads accounts. And they might have various keywords and go to Google.

Type in their keyword and learn to find ads showing, but their competitor’s ads are what they see. So what is the reason for that? Yeah, so in this video, I want to tell you seven possible reasons as to why this might be the case.

Your ads might be paused or even disapproved status. So what’s essential to understand is that you look inside your campaign and see.

Firstly, check the status of your campaign and make sure your campaign is active. And if your campaign is involved, make sure your ad groups are involved; it’s a very common slip up. Sometimes people turn off their campaigns or ad groups for various reasons, then forget to switch them back on again.

But likewise, it could be that your ad or your campaign has disapproved. And that alone will prevent your ads from appearing. So take a look at your campaign to see if your ads have disapproved

. And if they have taken the necessary action, depending on why your ads they disliked in the first place. Your bids might be too low. That means that you may not be bidding enough to get your keywords listed in the top section of Google. And remember, the ad rank auction is heavily dependent on something called a quality score. And if your quality score is meagre, regardless of how much you’re bidding.

It’s going to be hard to get your ad to pay at the top. So if you so essentially what you need to do, the first thing you need to check is if you’re bidding adequately enough for your ads to appear at the top of Google. And also, check your quality score if the quality score is low.

You might like to investigate why your quality score is standard is the keywords is the keyword relevancy is the ads are the expected click-through rate isn’t the landing page experience. And it could be a multi to a multitude of reasons why having a low ad rank could prevent your ads from appearing, especially if you’re not bidding enough for these reasons.

The maximum CPC might restrict your bids. So it could be that, hey, you know, for a given keyword. To get your ads to appear with the top section of Google, you might need to be bidding on or not, let’s say, for example, $5 or five pounds.

Still, you could have a restriction placed within your ad settings within a campaign setting so that your maximum CPC might be three pounds or $3. So that will automatically prevent your ad from taking the full use of your maximum CPC because you’ve put a restriction in place.

So make sure that if you think you’re bidding high enough, but your ad is not appearing, check your maximum CPC settings to make sure you haven’t restricted it from running out of budget. And now that’s a prevalent one. So what many people do is set the Google Ads campaigns, and hey, you know, come like 3 pm or 4 pm, they find that, hey, our ads are not appearing.

And why could that be the case? And it could well be they your budget has run out for that particular day. So if that is the case, you need to seriously look at when you were serving ads, what time of the day most of your budget is chewing up. What actions you can take to maximize your ads are showing when you want them to offer, or you know, take a look at your budget.

Do you have enough budget to market that keyword or group of keywords for that particular day? Negative keywords. So it could be that your ads are restricting because you’ve got a negative keyword in place.

So, for example, you know, you might be trying to bid for timber merchants, whereas you might have a negative keyword or, let’s say, broad match timber. And that remember your negative keywords are placed at various levels; they can be placed at group level at the campaign level or even shared library level.

If that’s the case, right? That could well be why your ad is not appearing because you’ve got a broad sorry, any a negative keyword in place that prevents that keyword are triggered when somebody searches for it.

It could be that Google deems your landing page and not relevant to the keywords that typically people search on. Google wants to provide the best user experience. Now, if you’ve got poor landing pages, or if people are not typing in a particular keyword, they’re going on to your website.

And they’re going back off again, these are signals to Google to say. There’s something not quite right there there’s a bit of a disjoint between what people are searching for the ad that’s showing.

When they click on the ad, they’re going on to your website, and people are just instantly coming off, so you providing a bad user experience.

As a result of that Google will automatically prevent your ads from failing or even minimize your ads from appearing.

You need to look at what it is that’s that might be on your landing page whereby people are coming on to it and exiting the paid straight to a technique also known as a bounce rate.


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