2021 Google Ads Trends: Things You Should Not Miss

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The year 2020 has been rough for all of us. This year, it is going to bring something big, here’s what you should not miss in 2021 Google Ads Trends.

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Let me get started on a few of my thoughts about what type of changes we can expect so that you can then amend your digital marketing strategies to cater for these changes.

Limited data availability.

Google Ads is giving us all the search terms. However, this can reach a limit. With 2021 Google Ads Trends, there are things you should remember.

What does it mean? We will no longer get all the search terms relating to our target keywords.

Now, the only type of search terms data that you’re going to get is the search terms, which are driving a high number of search volumes. Obviously, that that’s going to make it difficult to analyze what keywords and search terms are driving your leads

It will also affect your conversions, GDPR tracking and cookies.

These policies are going to come into force by the end of March 2021.

Previously, there is a grace period to implement these policies into our websites so that users can accept or decline your permissions for you to track various pieces of data.

Now, we know that at least 20% of people are going to opt out of this. This means that again, you’ve got a limited amount of data that you can use to analyze how well your searched your Google Ads campaigns are performing.

So what does that mean for attribution?

Well, again, for those people who are opting out, you will no longer be able to track the exact path. How what journey these guys took to it, which led them to your to a conversion.

Whether that be filling out the form or a sale.

How many times they’ve been on any website, what search terms they use, what keywords are used. Even more automation.

Yes, that’s right. Before we would totally dependent on creating manual campaign manual search campaigns. Now, we’re heading towards smart campaigns.

It means that even less transparency for us, because these campaigns don’t exactly tell us what’s going on

We just give it some data, it goes away and drives the potential customers to your website so that they can buy or inquire. So there’s going to be a growth in smart campaigns and DSA campaigns.

It’s going to be harder to manage campaigns by hand because now you’re going to have to implement strategies. whereby you got a combination of smart campaigns and search campaigns. This sheer amount of data is going to be difficult to manage.

It means that you’re going to have to invest in some type of a platform to help you manage your search campaigns moving forward.

Well, with smart campaigns, it’s this little black box. It does everything inside this box, and we have less transparency to see why Google Ads is making various decisions.

Moving forward, we’re gonna have to spend more time on the why. — Why the machine learning may have made certain decisions as opposed to how they made the decisions. We’re gonna have to almost reverse engineer to see what’s going on.

Why is it making these decisions so that we can use this data in order to implement other strategies that will increase leads? So whereas traditionally, we could purely focus on search campaigns.

Now, it’s going to be a combination of search campaigns and smart campaigns, DSA campaigns a`

You have to work out where you’re hanging you where your potential customers are hanging out. You can serve them your ads at that very given time.

Look out for your device targeting and see where your conversions are coming from.

Traditionally, sometimes what you saw is a surge of traffic from mobile devices between 8 am to 9 am, which was the commute time, and the conversions following later on through computer devices.

Traditionally, we can see a surge in mobile traffic between 8 am to 9 am. – it means this is where conversions happen.

Now, your conversions are taking place.

There will be a more digital dollar in the mix. There was a lot of home type of advertising, such as billboards, or Tube Stations.

Whereas, it was worth advertising in faces. Where is your dollar now going to be best spent?

Is it still going to be those routes? Or are you can make a shift from those the home type of advertising to digital advertising like Google Ads. Not only that people working from home in 2021 you are going to see more of an increase in people opting for Smart TV advertising.

Who knows? What will Amazon do? So we know that in 2020, Amazon paused a lot of its media spend, because it could not cope with the surge of deliveries that it had to cater for during that period of time.

So if Amazon does decide to implement a very aggressive strategy. Now, what is that going to do for the cost per click for the other advertisers, which means that they are gonna have to force their cost per click prices up? They have to work a lot smarter in order to compete with the likes of people like Amazon.

There is still something to learn with 2021 Google Ads Trends, to know more about it drop us a message and will help you out!

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